The Sunrise to Sunset of Life

Ah, to be ‘True’ is to be all of you.
As you stand at youth blind
to the ways of the world.
Trying so hard to understand
What is it you are to do?
How the hell
Can you do, You?
But the days pass,
Life continues and you last.
The beat of life is slow. Not fast.
You wonder at times, what happened to your life.
What is all the fuss?
Who cares? – not us.
Then LOVE enters
your heart accepts.
The beauty is within
The grace of light strikes.
The sunrises — The sunsets.
When lost, seek the beauty of nature.

When lost, seek the beauty of nature.

Whose grass are you watering?

I love this statement because it is the truth.

I have lived it. I have witnessed through my own personal journey how powerful watering my own grass can be.

I know sometimes we forget and are blind to the obvious things that are right in front of us.

Remember to care for and maintain your own grass.

Take hold of all that you have – honour it.

Water and nurture all things you care about. Because life is so much fuller when we appreciate and care for what we have.

grass is greener#Living proof.

Would you like to gain clarity about your life, your purpose?

Would you like to learn tools to get you focused on taking responsibility for your own happiness?

Would you like change the life you are living?

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Rise Above Fear


To rise above fear is to tap into courage. Fear and courage are hardwired into our neural pathways. When fear comes up for us, it takes courage to push through the fear. It takes courage to step out of our comfort zone. Courage is a stepping stone to happiness.courage to follow dream

It is the stepping stone because without the courage to have a voice, to be heard, to recognise yourself for what you stand for, what you believe and how you are made, your dreams will be only cloudy wishes of “wants”.

It takes courage, strength and self belief to step into who you are, what you believe and accept your calling, your purpose and move forward with passion.

Walking through fear, with courage comes self belief. When you believe in yourself you feel a sense of peace, protection, light and love.

From courage you receive happiness and joy.

“To be true to yourself is to light the way for others” by Tara Davidson.#TruthFullyHeals

The gift of being who you are, is to allow others to see who they are, through you.

What an amazing gift. Have courage. Be YOU.





Dare to be optimistic?


Provides power over painful or unsuccessful events. It is more than just thinking positively. Life experiences have a way of dwindling away our ability to be optimistic.

As we continue to fail at something or things don’t turn out the way we expect or plan, our ability to be optimistic reduces. As such, our belief in ourself, to do what we set out to do decreases. At this stage, fear can begin to take hold and self doubt takes over.

Does the monkey catch the elephant?

How many times did they fail before they succeeded?

How many lessons were learnt?

How many fears overcome?

What if they stopped trying?

To be optimistic is to be hopeful and confident about the future success of something, optimism keeps you going, keeps pushing you forward.

Optimism is having faith that what can be, can be. It is the state of being that allows us to continue, to move forward, to believe in ourselves. To be optimistic is way more than wishful thinking, it is activating the power of thought to overcome doubt.

Faith is bigger than optimism. Optimism is more specific to something in particular. To be optimistic is to believe that it can be done, and then take actions to make it real.

Optimism is a state of mind. S.M.A.R.T is a tool to reach goals, which is the “action”. Together, one can achieve the desired outcome with a higher level of joy and fulfilment.

Don’t quit. Stay focused. Be Optimistic. You Can. Believe.


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.08.52 PM

12 Truths of Happiness

The truths of happiness I have discovered throughout my journey of life.

For many years, I took on the role of victim. I felt that life was out to get me. I continually asked myself, “Why does everybody else seem to have a better life than me? When is it my turn to be happy? Why is everyone against me? Why do people judge me?”

It wasn’t til I started questioning myself and taking responsibility for the life I had created that I began to discover the truth of happiness. Instead of asking, “why” I started asking “what”.

What can I do to be happier?

What makes me feel good about myself?

What do I want?

What am I good at?

I realised, through self analysing my life,  I was angry, aggressive and quite honestly looking for someone to but heads with. This anger was making me sick. I was so angry, and frustrated with my life, my body was a refection of that. One day, I had back pain so badly, I fell to the ground and couldn’t move. I had to be taken from my home via ambulance. I literally, dropped to the ground and was paralysed. Pain factor 10+, I thought I would never walk again, that is how it felt. One big nerve pinch. I had MRI, x-rays, and ultra sound on my spine. The Doctor also ran blood tests, they could not find anything medically wrong.

It was my state of mine. My happiness level was very low, maybe 2.

This is only one example. I didn’t like who I was, or how my life had turned out. I wanted to change, but i didn’t know how to make my life better.

I realised, the fear to change was high, the thought of taking action and admitting the truth to myself was scary.

Fear. We all have a neurological “fear system” embedded within our brains. This neural network that once helped us survive, but it now has the potential to limit our lives. The “fear system” is our storehouse for past trauma, current anxiety, fear of the future and old instinctual terrors. We need this part of the brain to keep us alive, in that, it is the natural response to spring into action at even the threat of danger.

In the modern world, our “fear system” is not required as much for our mere survival. It is not a matter of hunt or be hunted.

To balance our hardwired “fear system”, humans have evolved to process the human neocortex, which is the primary area for intellect. It is the house for our creative, intuitive, intellectual and spiritual advancements. The neocortex can be said to be the home of happiness.

What this means is, we have the choice. We have the power within us to choose to be happy. Our mind is our own and we can choose to be happy and have the life we want.

These 12 truths are enlightening and powerful.

12 Truths of Happiness:

  1. Love. The heart of happiness. Give Love. Share Love. Receive Love. Love fills the heart and as a result happiness is expressed. We feel happy when we love. When we concentrate on love, fear or hate are not allowed in. The heart is protected when it is filled with Love
  2. Optimism. This provides power over painful events. It is more than just thinking positively. It is realising that even the most painful events hold opportunities for lessons. Gifts. I dare say, the more it hurts the greater the lesson.
  3. Courage. To rise above fear is to tap into courage. Fear and courage are hardwired into our neural pathways. W
    hen fear comes up for us, it takes courage to push through the fear. It takes courage to step out of our comfort zone. Courage is a stepping stone to to happiness.
  4. A sense of freedom. When we choose, we define who we
    are. Everyone has freedom to choose to be happy.  The truth is, happiness is available to anyone who has the courage to exercise it.
  5. Proactivity. Happy people participate in happiness-can-be-found-in-the-darkest-of-timestheir own destiny and make their own happiness. They don’t wish, wait or hope that it comes along. They don’t accept the role of the passive victim, but choose to be the active hero in their own life.
  6. Gratefulness. Giving thanks for all that you have, all that you are and for those around you brings a sense of peace. Be grateful, it is as simple as that. Gratefulness brings joy to yourself and others.
  7. Health. Health and happiness are interdependent. Our physical health is priceless, with out our health we become limited. However, even with physical limitations we can still activate our happiness health levels. What keeps us young is our mood chemistry. The balance of serotonin and dopamine we produce allowing us to manage and be in charge of our joy levels.
  8. Spirituality. Hope. Faith. We must be open to tap into our spirituality. The power of the spirit resides in us all and it is essential for growth, love, and light.
  9. Consistency. Keep on showing up. Don’t give up on yourself, your dreams, your life. Do small things often. When you feel you can’t do it anymore, start again.
  10. Perspective. Shining a broader beam of light allows a bigger picture. Narrow minds seem to have a more doom and gloom mentality while people with a more open mind allow a broader beam of light to shine allowing them to see more opportunities.
  11. Laughter. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh and the whole world will laugh with you. It is contagious and is the fountain of healing. When we laugh and bring humour to a situation in a non-sarcastic way, we bring love to the situation. It is like like the dawn of a new sun, beaming bright light amongst all that are there to witness it.
  12. Purpose. Directly relates, in my opinion with spirituality. It raises the questions, “Who and I, and Why am I here?” Connecting with your truth will set you free.

Go beyond where you are today, change your life.

Be happy and your life will change shape.

I am certain.



Truth Fully Heals

Truth Fully Heals {Tara Davidson} KINDLE Best Seller

I am delighted you have come searching for your copy of Truth Fully Heals. This book has had an impact on the lives of many. Truth Fully Heals hit Amazon #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the Self Help categories; Happiness and Spiritual.

“Truth Fully Heals” is a collection of colourful stories of truths and untruths. It is filled with examples, of how I stayed true but also where I went off course, with ‘the lies’, I wanted to believe.

The stories I share are of pivotal moments in my life.

My intention is to leave you captivated by my life, filled with inspiration, hope, determination and the courage to follow your true path, which leads to fulfillment.

The stories withinTruth Fully Heals, are about embracing; the good, the bad, and the ugly, and being at peace with the life you have created.

The stories I share are of pivotal moments in my life. My adolescence was deep rooted with uncertainty, hurt, anger, and loss. In trying to escape the life I created, I find my knight in shining armour which leads me to Australia. The relationship ends leaving me with a pain, I had never experienced, heartbreak. In a quest to heal and answer the question to stay in Australia or move back to the United States, I set out on a quest, an adventure of a life time. Travelling solo, I join an outback boxing troupe and race camels throughout Australia. I share with you; how I met my soulmate, husband, best friend and lover, the dark times that almost broke us and how I was able to transform my health personally.

All the steps of the journey of life, ultimately lead you to your final calling, perfectly planned and shaped, by the experiences that you have walked through.

There are several options available to order your copy of Truth Fully Heals:

Physical Books

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REVIEWS from Amazon verified buyers:Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 11.53.56 PM

Review 1:
I laughed, I cried, and I was reminded to find my truth again. Beautifully written! Definitely worth the read!

Review 2:
Truth Fully Heals held my interest and I read it in one sitting. The truths this author points out are fundamental and she writes from her heart. It was funny in many parts, her adventures throughout the book are quite unique and others are things we all might experience in our lives, but might not realize the the lessons to be learned. This book gives you a chance to look at your own life and see where you are stronger than you think you are. I’d definitely recommend it for all ages to read and enjoy.

Review 3:
I was totally enthralled with your “walkabout” and only wish I had great (comparable) adventures to look back on. It definitely made me stop…and think…and realize I am in charge of my own destiny. My hope is I can take your journey and use it as a catalyst to start to explore my “truth”. I am in awe of your bravery, positivety, and openness. I am sharing it now with my teenage daughters!
Review 4:
Dear Miss T.,

Perfect timing! What a wonderfully fantastic gift to have Truth Fully Heals enter my life at just the right moment. I am SO very grateful!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your incredible life, adventurous spirit and excitingly uncommon experiences; seeing your smart, strong, curious, observant, brave, courageous and daringly wild character; all while feeling your obviously kind, caring, warm and loving nature. The lessons you share are most enlightening, and your writing style is perfect!

I anxiously await your penning of the sequel, perhaps:
“Truth Fully Heals: New Truths Revealed”

I *HIGHLY* recommend this author’s brilliant work to everyone seeking inner peace through a fulfilling, exciting and satisfying life! Truth Fully Heals!

“Boom Boom, Ba Boom Boom, Boom Boom Boom…”


Review 5:
Clearly, Tara has written from her heart, in the sincere hope that by sharing her journey from a place of pain and turmoil to a place of peace and healing, she might be able to help someone else make their own such journey. Written with honesty and generosity of spirit, and splashes of humor throughout, it is a gift from a good soul to anyone who choses to receive it.


Review 6:
She writes her personal stories of feeling stuck in certain situations throughout her life. She shares her thoughts and fears and ultimately how she gathers courage to make the changes she needs to live her best life. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to what she has gone through and find their own truth to make changes in their lives.


Review 7:
Professionally written, straight forward and very easy to read. This is a great story and the underlying message is portrayed extremely well. It’s refreshing to see a subject like this explained through real life experiences as opposed to “workshops”
This book proves that Truth really does Fully Heal


Review 8:
Conversational, lots of stories, brings you back to what’s true for you


Review 9:
very conversational tone, lots of the authors personal stories which are actually quite funny. I could see myself in the authors stories, and I learnt alot – tony robbins always said that the truth will set you free and I believe it, so thank you for reminding me of my own truth.

If you want to get back to your truth, and hear it in stories rather than text book self help books, this book is the way to go.


Review 10:

Upbeat, hilarious, with many twists and turns from happiness to heartbreak and everything in between, great read, would recommend for woman wanting uplifting holiday reading.


Review 11:
Wow – what an amazing read! A great life story, some powerful life lessons and a real inspiration. I always knew that truth was powerful, however in her book Tara takes this to another level. Well done Tara!


What is the root of your health challenge? (Tara Davidson – Wellness Coach – Lake Maquarie – NSW)

I am a wellness coach, specialising in the power of understanding and ‘being in tune’ with the body, mind and soul to achieve optimal health. The secret to owning your health and truly getting to the root of it is to understand what the body is telling you and how the mind and spirit translate the message.

This is done through investigating what we are experiencing, the emotion we are feeling, and the meaning we place on it. At this time we can begin to understand what we can do to own our health and feel better.

Wellness Coach, Newcastle NSW

A client of mine was recently telling me about her digestive challenges. She wants to find an holistic approach to a problem that she has been dealing with for a long time. She told me her main issue is her digestion and the associated pain. There are a number of ways to address restoring the gut through nutrition as well as strategies to improve the gut through natural remedies, herbs, teas, sprays, etc.

The fact that she has been dealing with this for a long time indicated to me that she may need to dig a little deeper into why she has a gut issue in the first place and what initially brought it on. So I asked her:

  • What do you think is causing this imbalance?
  • What do you feel is making your tummy not work properly?
  • Do you feel it is due to some sort of physical weakness or could it stem from an emotional imbalance?

We humans hold on to emotions, stress, tension, anxiety and depression, if we know it or not and the way we process ‘the experience’ of these sorts of negative feelings has a direct effect on our body, creating chronic aches and pains leading to ill-health and then ultimately disease.

So back to the client with the stomach/digestive issues… what path is available to her to begin to uncover and move forward to better health?

Wellness Coach, Newcastle NSWThe first step along the path for her, is to investigative why she feels the way she does by asking questions such as:

  • Does my digestive process become worse during increased stress?
  • Do I find eating certain foods causes a delayed digestive problem?
  • What types of food do I continually eat that always make me feel bloated and unwell straight after eating them?
  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • Am I moving my body every day?
  • What am I grateful for?

Along your health path you may find you need to dig deeper. This can be done by researching the ‘what’.  What has caused me to fall ill and feel unwell?  To find the answers to these types of questions, you must stand in truth with yourself and  listen to your inner voice; a mindful approach that is in tune and honest with yourself will lead you to the truth. From there, you are ready to take action. Are you ready to have a good look in the mirror and ask yourself:

  • What am I holding on to that is causing me to feel sick in the stomach?
  • Am I living disconnected to my values?
  • Am I living my life in line with someone else’s expectations?
  • Was there something that happened to me as a young person that caused a high level of distress?
  • Was I hurt by someone close to me?
  • Was the pain they inflicted on me unjustified?
  • What is my relationship with my parents?

I believe that healing takes place through the process of self realisation. Discovering and coming to grips with the root of your health issue is critical. Introduce yourself to the feelings you are having, the type of pain associated and how you processed an experience in the past or present or anxiety about something in the future, and how is/has affected you.

There is hope to change your health and reclaim your life. You can climb to the top by connecting to yourself, understanding the meaning your mind has placed on certain life experiences, acknowledging those feelings and then letting them go because they no longer serve you. This is the application of an holistic approach to owning your health.

It is not a pill, it is not a quick fix solution, it is a journey of self discovery.

This approach can be applied to a vast array of health complaints, aches and pains. Are you ready to own your health? Do you want to get to know yourself better, love yourself more, gain a better body?

Life is precious. It is designed for us to live a full and fulfilling life. It is yours to have. My passion is health and wellness. I treat every day as an opportunity to be part of someone’s health transformation. Contact me if you are ready to begin your path up the canyon today.
Wellness Coach, Newcastle NSW